Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A Light Blazes in the Darkness

A Light Blazes in the Darkness

Just in case I have any readers, don't forget to make a daily trip to the Advent Devotional blog that accompanies the RevGalBlogPal book: A Light Blazes in the Darkness.
A group from my faith community is using this resource for Advent this season. We are meeitng on Tuesday nights to reconnect in this season of preparation and waiting.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

We are merely Stewards

This story really hit me this morning. Perhaps it is because of Sunday's gospel message of the talents. We are gven gifts that must be shared others. Our inheritance has nothing to do with property. We do not "own" anything, but everything is given to us by God. We get caught up so much in church finances and the building. This congregation is listening to the "Still Speaking God". The death of one congregation provides for the ressurection of God's pople through the new caretakers. May this congregation experience the resurrection of Christ through this act of stewardship. Theirs is the inheritance that God has waiting for them.

Friday, November 11, 2005

RevGal Friday Five

1) Apple Pie -- I prefer apple dumplings to apple pie, but the apples must be tart and both must be warm and buried under vanilla bean ice cream

2) Cherry Pie -- not too crazy about cherry pie, but again the cherries must be sour/tart. I prefer a pie called "bumbleberry", which is a mixed berry pie, heavy on the raspberries.

3) Pumpkin Pie -- a holiday favorite, best enjoyed with whipped topping made from scratch like grandma used to make. My partner likes to use real pumpkin, not that canned stuff.

4) Chocolate Cream Pie -- only if dark chocolate. Would compromise if it was mint chocolate though.

5) Pecan Pie -- mmm, yumm :-)

Bonus Question: Do you have a favorite kind of pie not on this admittedly short list?

When I was a child, a local restaurant (long closed) had a peanut butter cream pie that had a great, firm peanut butter cream texture with chopped peanuts throughout. I have tried other peanut butter pies over the last 20 years or so, and I am almost always dissapointed.

I probably shouldn't have used a Friday Five to return to the Blog World, but I am at work and I can't imbed links for some reason.

I will write more later.